My Interests

This page just outlines my interests in various topics. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to talk about anything.

Software Development

I enjoy writing software. The language I use the most nowadays is Python. I'm also familiar with Java, PHP, and shell scripting.

Check out my GitHub or GitLab if you'd like to see some of my projects.

Capture The Flag

My favorite category is pwn, but unfortunately, the category I'm best at is web (as I have the most experience with it).

I play CTF with two teams, mainly:

Some competitions I've been involved in include:


I like to mess around on HackerOne. Recently, I've been working on the AT&T program. My username is arinerron2.

Security Research

I've done some research on a lot of other open and closed source projects.

Here are four CVE IDs for vulnerabilities I've found:


Here's my stack:

Amateur Radio

I have a general-class ham radio license. My callsign is K1ARE.

I don't have much equipment, just:


When I was younger than 18, I was limited to "investing" in cryptocurrencies. I currently own some Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Monero, Zcash, Ripple, and Dogecoin, although I don't actively trade anymore.

Now I trade stocks and options. I tend to mess with technology and pharma stocks.


Here are some of my favorite books and essays:


Here's the hardware I have:

Mixing & Production

I am not releasing any mixes right now, but I've published some old chiptunes on my YouTube channel.


I like a lot of music from tons of genres. Here are different "units of music" that I like from some genres:

Classic Rock / Fusion


EDM / Dubstep / House


Hip Hop / Rap




I looove tea. I have every kind of tea you can think of thanks to contributions from friends and family.

I especially love teas with cardamom. Licorice and cardamom teas are super good. Cardamom is also great in chai. I'm also a bergamot addict. I also love flowery teas like chamomile and rose teas, oolong, darjeeling, etc.