Public Projects

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Name Description
onionr onionr is a decentralized, peer-to-peer data storage network, designed to be anonymous and resistant to (meta)data analysis and spam.
pyscrape pyscrape is a modular toolkit for automatic scraping.
MassGeocoder MassGeocoder is a collection of tools made for manipulating geolocations.
discord3301 discord3301 is a Discord bot that enables users to perform cryptographic operations in-chat.
Email Tracker Email Tracker is a tool to check if emails have been read (and to get the reader's IP and UA).
ROTCracker ROTCracker decodes a ROT encoded string by displaying all 26 possible combinations.
Moome Moome is an entertaining 8-bit retro-style platformer game.
ScratchAPI ScratchAPI is a simple Java interface to the Scratch 2.0 website.
Forux An in-development, simple, lightweight 2D game library in Java.
spoofcommit Written in bash, this project spoofs Git commits authors as other people.
InternetometerBot An advanced bot written in Java built for
MovieMute MovieMute is an (old) app that silences/mutes your phone for a preset period so you can just launch and forget about it.
MoonCat A meow button app developed for a friend, mooncat39.
ColoredTab A very lightweight bukkit plugin which allows you to change the color of your TAB username.
Game A "compact" RPG written in Java without a good name.
Maybe sometime I'll release some more of my private projects...