About discord3301

discord3301 is a bot that allows users to perform cryptographic operations from Discord.
Here’s the help menu for the bot:

`!3301 help` - Displays this help menu
`!3301 subscribe` - Subscribe current channel to updates on websites hosted by cicada3301
`!3301 unsubscribe` - Unsubscribe current channel
`!3301 base64-encode <string>` - Encodes the given string with base64
`!3301 base64-decode <string>` - Decodes the given string with base64
`!3301 hex-encode <string>` - Encodes the given string with hex
`!3301 hex-decode <string>` - Decodes the given string with hex
`!3301 morse-encode <string>` - Encodes the given string to Morse code
`!3301 morse-decode <string>` - Decodes the given string from Morse code
`!3301 mlk-encrypt <key> <string>` - Encrypt the given string using a key (integer)
`!3301 rot <amount/all> <string>` - Decode/Encode rot (aka: Caesar/shift cipher)
`!3301 atbash <string>` - Decode/Encode atbash cipher
`!3301 read-qr <url>` - Read the data on a QR code at a URL
`!3301 reverse <string>` - Reverse a string's characters
`!3301 uppercase <string>` - Make the string uppercase
`!3301 lowercase <string>` - Make the string lowercase
`!3301 length <string>` - Calculate the length of a string
`!3301 is-prime <int>` - Check whether or not the given number is prime
`!3301 phi <int>` - Calculate ϕ(number)
`!3301 ascii-art <string>` - Generate ASCII art with the given string
`!3301 exif <url>` - Display EXIF data (metadata) in a JPEG image
`!3301 solve-cryptogram <string>` - Attempts to solve cryptograms using the dictionary
`!3301 hash <algorithm>` - Hash using MD2, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, or SHA-512
`!3301 hashid <string>` - Attempt to identify a hash algorithm from a string
`!3301 hashcrack <string>` - Attempt to crack MD5 and SHA1 hashes via a rainbow table
`!3301 get <url>` - Get source code of page (HTTP GET request)
`!3301 forensics <audio/image> <url>` - Display information about audio or image file

How to setup

If you're an admin on the server you want to add it to, it’s actually quite simple to add the bot to your server. Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit the URL https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=334227800003313674&scope=bot&permissions=201849937.
  2. Select the server in the dropdown that you want to add the bot to.
  3. Click Authorize.

Congratulations! The bot has now been set up. To test if it is working, send !3301 help to any channel on the server.

If you're not an administrator on the server that you want to add the bot to, you can try asking an administrator to add it for you. :)

Updating the bot

You don’t need to update it; the code is running on my server, so updates will be automatically installed (on my server) without needing your interaction. :)


Encountered a bug? Have any questions? Thought of any ideas? No problem! Feel free to shoot me an email at

or DM me on discord at @arinerron#5687